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In a series candid of tweets on Sunday, one day after delivering the first production Model 3, Musk replied to questions by other Twitter users about his mental state, shedding some light on the inner turmoil he struggles with.

There is clinical evidence, some of it from work at Loma Linda University Medical Center, that mirthful laughter and peak experiences (including seeing a magic trick, or a feeling of wonder like I had in Cajon Pass) can boost the immune system.

If this works as intended, it's a healing technology.

Later there was a whole conference, "Medicine Meets Virtual Reality" (MMVR) which started in 1994, and showcased work just like this, but at the time Warner and Tice and their collaborators were the only ones doing it. Scrivener, I recently came across your "Curriculum for Cybernetics and Systems Theory", which I enjoyed immensely because it had reams of narrative woven into it, which is how I like to take my information best (high intuition, low rigor).

I have been reading books on information and control in systems for about 5 years now.