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Outlook updating inbox message

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Your personal folder is a collection of all the mail folders available to you.The shortcut (context) menu attached to your personal folders offers more options than the shortcut menu with the Favorites folder.October 5, 2012 Has your Exchange-based Outlook mail client performance gotten slower over time? Or do you often get a message saying something like “Requesting data from Microsoft Exchange Server” that is slow to clear before you see your mail update?If so, you may have a problem that most people are not aware of: you may have reached Exchange’s , not size, and that count is not that hard to reach well before you run out of mailbox storage space.

It’s a bit ironic that a filing best-practice that will make you more productive could lead to a technical server issue. That’s not a lot of mail and so that number will be easy to reach if your company is using those older versions of Exchange and you are filing a lot of mail in one folder. Links at the bottom of the article I referenced above lead to other articles that state their limits.If you want to organize your messages in Outlook on the web, you can create new folders or rename, move, or delete existing folders.You can also set up rules so that Outlook automatically moves messages into folders depending on conditions that you specify.To change how frequently Outlook does automatic send and receives, you need to edit the Send and Receive settings.The easiest way to open the Send and Receive dialog is using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl Alt S.only the old emails are shown, and new emails are not downloaded to Outlook, even though the status bar stated that the folder is updated.